About Us

Fosse France Solutions – SIRET 50021621300016

Fosse France Solutions is a family run business based in the Charente region of France. The company started as a sideline to our building and renovation company where our clients wanted new sewage treatments installed but were unsure of either the regulations or the types of system available. In researching the market we found that, at that moment in time, the choice of systems was extremely limited and inordinately expensive, but that the laws regarding domestic sewage systems were changing and the market was opening up to new manufacturers. With our client requirements in mind we approached several manufacturers and, based on price and quality, became official distributors for several mini treatment systems. As demand for the systems, and our reputation, grew we realised that this was becoming a business in it’s own right and we officially formed the company Fosse France Solutions in 2010. From the very start our mission was twofold to make available to the whole of France, good quality, reliable and efficient domestic sewage treatment systems at an affordable price and, to provide an unrivalled level of service, expertise and professionalism.

Our company had grown dramatically over the years as has our knowledge and experience. We are constantly on the look out for better systems and ways to improve the service we offer. Many things may have changed over those years but we have never faltered from our mission to both provide quality products and quality service.

Clint Nelson – Director and Installation Manager

ClintI have worked in the construction industry for over 21 years, having started as a labourer and working my way up to becoming an independent building contractor. For the past 11 years I have lived and worked in France, in a rural community where reliance on domestic sewage treatment plants is inherent. As such, I have a vast experience in living with, and installing these systems, and I understand the benefits each system has, the problems involved with each system and the suitability of each system to meet both the needs of the owner and the conditions of the property and the land within which it sits.

As a builder aiming to provide clients with both value for money and quality, I am constantly searching the market for new ideas and products. The products I have chosen to recommend and distribute I believe to be superior to other systems on the market in terms of cost, ease of installation, environmental sustainability and land requirements, and I want these products to be more easily available to the French market. I am proud to be part of Fosse France Solutions and to be able to offer such great products and give such a dedicated level of customer service to you!

Linda Nelson – Director, Marketing Manager and Technical Manager

LindaHaving worked as a financial manager and accountant in the UK, I was disappointed to find that, on moving to France both my qualifications and all the skills I’d spent so many years honing were as nothing to the French employment system. Not daunted by this I threw myself into becoming a fully fledged housewife (something I’m most certainly not suited to) and also became the silent force behind my husbands growing construction business. When we first started looking at supplying domestic sewage systems I saw this as an opportunity for me to learn new skills and, as the business grew, I undertook the write up for our website, started learning about social media and produced marketing and technical material, some of which have been published both online and in magazines.

Along with Clint, I am regularly in touch with all our manufacturers and attend many industry seminars and trade shows in order to keep abreast of all the latest developments in this field. I also liaise with SPANC regularly and have even had to explain to them how the systems work in detail! I really enjoy being part of Fosse France Solutions and love the aspect of giving professional advice that allows clients to make the right choices for themselves. I strive to ensure that the service we provide in unbeatable and I hope that our commitment to providing quality products and quality service is evident in everything we do.