Aquatec VFL

Overview Of The Aquatec VFL

mini20002_AT8-150x150With the Aquatec, purification of waste water is completely accomplished in the single compact unit divided into three compartments, namely a zone of primary sedimentation, a zone of biological treatment with oxygenation, and finally a zone of secondary sedimentation and clarification. Within the system there are the elements for ventilation and of pneumatic distribution allowing both anaerobic and aerobic digestion to take place purifying the water.



Suitability Of The Aquatec VFL

The Aquatec mini-station is most suitable for the following properties :

  • Properties where the existing sewage treatment system needs to be replaced entirely
  • Properties where there is no existing sewage treatment system  and where connection to an communal treatment system is not available
  • Properties where external space is limited

Advantages Of The Aquatec VFL

  • Can treat all forms of household waste water without the need for a separate grease trap
  • Compact
  • Odourless
  • Robust system without a turbine or mechanical moving pieces
  • Cost effective with electrical consumption between 40 & 60 Euros per year
  • The possibility of placing the mini-station in the immediate proximity of the source of waste water
  • Advanced technology produces a minimum amount of residual muck, consequently reducing the frequency of the need to de-sludge
  • A control unit which is programmable in a choice of languages
  • Possibility of control programmes for holiday or weekend homes
  • Both visual and audible warning systems should problems occur

How the Aquatec VFL System Works

images-150x150Waste water from the home enters the mini-station by PVC pipe,  passing through a filter into the 1st compartment or zone of primary sedimentation, which is itself divided into 4 chambers. Here the waste is separated by specific gravity with grease and other lighter subjects floating to the surface and other heavier elements falling to the bottom of the tank.  In this zone waste water is effectively treated during its flow through the four compartment.


After pretreatment in the primary decanter, in which solids and grease are removed, the waste water is directed towards the second zone known as the chamber of aeration. During this process the water comes into contact with a “biomass” which aids the treatment process. In this zone of aeration dissolved pollution is transformed into flakes of muck by bacterial assimilation which can then be separated from the treated water by de-cantation in the third compartment called to zone of clarification.

Within the zone of clarification, air flow created by a pump system, enhances the bacterial breakdown of effluent and the elimination of pollutants. This airflow also treated water to be retuned to the zone of aeration for further treatment. Syncopated functioning (start / stop) of the suppressor assures the elimination of any remaining pollutants with any sedimentary muck being hydraulically returned  to the first compartment for a new cycle. Purified water is directed towards the pipe of evacuation where it passes through a  filter before being released.


Specifications Of The Aquatec VFL

Aquatec VFL AT Aquatec VFL ATF
Agreement Number 2012-005 2011-023
 Capacity (EH) 6 8
Diameter (mm) 1400 1400
Height (mm) 1800 2200