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News and Views – June 2015

Learning From The Mistakes Of Others Well, we’re half way through the year and business is doing well and we’re continuing to get loads of enquiries. We are also getting great feed back about our website and about the consumer guides that I write so everything is really positive as the moment. There is, however, […]

News And Views – November 2014

Well November was a busy month for us and despite the usual site visits, installations, meetings with SPANC and completing all the paperwork that is required (which we know in France is an awful lot) some days have stood out from the rest. At the start of the month we did a marathon days work […]

News And views – October 2014

A product launch and a fosse conference, scary toilets but no cocktails. What could be better than a few days by the coast? A few days by the coast, with a product launch and a fosse conference thrown in. I was so excited – I’d never been to the med. and had visions of cocktails […]

Introduction to Fosse France Solutions

So, this is the first blog for Fosse France Solutions that’s going to appear on our website, so what on earth do I blog about? Do I bombard you with technical information about the ins (pretty yucky!) and outs (quite clean and pleasant) of Microstations or Compact Filter systems? Or do I revert to toilet […]