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Maintaining Your System

Your new waste water treatment system has been an expensive investment, so you want to make sure that it is looked after and lasts as long as possible! Or maybe you are searching for advice on how to maintain your existing system so that it continues to function efficiently. There are many systems now available […]

Choosing Your Installer

Installing A New Sewage Treatment System 6 Ways To Avoid The Cowboys Do you need to install a new microstation or replace your non conforming fosse but you’re worried about about how to go about it? Are you putting off doing necessary works because the idea of finding an installer sends shivers of fear down […]

Traditional Fosse Septics and Filter Bed Systems – a winter warning

How To Stop Your Sewage System From Freezing OK, so it’s not often you can get me talking about traditional fosse septic and filter bed systems (other than in association with the phrase “prone to clogging” or attached to the word “outdated”) but I do know that many of you are still living with systems […]

How To Choose Your Ideal Sewage Treatment System

The 10 things you should consider before parting with any money. There are so many things that need to be considered when purchasing a waste water treatment system here in France so how can make sure that you’re choosing the best one for you? This is a guide to some of the things that you […]

How To Choose The Right Type Of Sewage Treatment System

How To Choose The Right Type Of Sewage Treatment System The good, the bad and the ugly of waster water treatment Whether you have a fosse septic that’s failed it’s inspection, whether you renovate old buildings or whether you’re building new homes from scratch, at some point you will need to think about the waste […]