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ClearFox Nature

Overview Of The ClearFox Nature Range The ClearFox Nature® system is completely unique as it is the only sewage treatment plant on the market today that uses no electricity, has no moving parts, no air compressor and never needs any replacement media. As a result of this, the ClearFox Nature® system is not subject to […]


Overview Of The COMPACT’O® Range The COMPACT’O® (4-6EH) are compact filter systems designed to treat domestic waste water. The filters are rectangular, prefabricated in high density polyethylene, and work in conjunction with a “fosse toute eaux” (all water fosse) equipped with a pre-filter. Their remarkable effectiveness in treating waste water allows for the treated water […]

Glynwed PureStation

Overview Of The Glynwed PureStation The PureStation is a simple and compact 3 chamber sewage treatment plant which uses both anaerobic and aerobic digestion to purify domestic waste water. The benefit of this system over a traditional “fosse septique” is that a large and expensive filter bed is not required as all treatment of the […]

The Klargester Biodisc BA®

Overview Of The Klargester Biodisc BA® For domestic dwellings without access to mains drainage, the Klargester BioDisc® provides a reliable, efficient and environmentally safe solution to your sewage disposal needs. It is ideal for locations where discharge is to sub-surface irrigation, or to a suitable watercourse where approved by the Regulator, and where a septic […]

Aquatec VFL

Overview Of The Aquatec VFL With the Aquatec, purification of waste water is completely accomplished in the single compact unit divided into three compartments, namely a zone of primary sedimentation, a zone of biological treatment with oxygenation, and finally a zone of secondary sedimentation and clarification. Within the system there are the elements for ventilation […]