ClearFox Nature

Overview Of The ClearFox Nature Range

ClearfoxThe ClearFox Nature® system is completely unique as it is the only sewage treatment plant on the market today that uses no electricity, has no moving parts, no air compressor and never needs any replacement media. As a result of this, the ClearFox Nature® system is not subject to problems or breakdowns associated with any of the other systems on the market today. Also, unlike other non-electric systems the media never needs to be replaced making it a completely sustainable system. ClearFox Nature is manufactured by ClearFox® in Germany and is sold around the world and is now an internationally acclaimed product, leading the way in compact sewage treatment technology.

Suitability Of The ClearFox Nature Range

    • properties where the existing water treatment system needs to be replaced entirely or where there is no existing system
    • properties where the environmental impact of the system is most important
    • properties that are left empty for long periods of time – these systems are ideal for holiday, weekend and second homes, refuges, rural gites etc
    • areas of France where electrical power shortages occur frequently

Additionally, with permission from SPANC, these systems can be added onto an existing “fosse toutes eaux” , size and condition of the fosse permitting.

Advantages Of The ClearFox Nature Range

      • No electricity bills – a completely non electric treatment process
      • Hign quality of effluent purification
      • Sold worldwide -a tried and tested system
      • Reduced de-sludging period – +5 year emptying interval
      • Completely sustainanble – no need for replacement filter media
      • Inexpensive annual maintenance – maintenance can be undertaken by the owner
      • Operates in silence
      • Works in harmony with all types of septic tanks and can be added to an exisiting “fosse toutes eaux” (with permission from SPANC)
      • Eligible for the “Ecoprêt à taux 0%” (interest free loan)
      • Reliability in all situations – these systems function whatever the conditions including permanent occupation, intermittent occupation, holiday periods, periods of intense rain or temperature
      • Easy install – the systems are delivered ready to use

How The ClearFox Nature Works

Clearfox® nature is a prefabricated small sewage treatment plant which is manufactured in a range of size from 1-8 EH. The treated effluent water can be discharged into a percolation area, underground soakaway or into a free flowing watercourse. So long as there is enough gravity, the system can operate without any electricity.

The cleaning process happens in three stages. The raw sewage water enters the primary treatment tank which acts as a fosse and where the lighter suspended solids are digested by aerobic bacteria and the heavier sludge waste digested by anaerobic bacteria. This is known as “pre-treatment”. The pre(treated water flows from this primary tank into a secnondary tank also known as the filter tank or bioreactor. The bioreactor consists of a system of layers of aeration and filtering media which are arranged in a defined order in layers one above the other. To distribute the water onto the upper surface of the bioreactor there is an equipment consisting of a “tipping bucket” which results in the effluent water being evenly distributed over thr surface of the filter tank. The water then passes into the underlying system of filtering elements, relying on gravity to move the water from the ntop to the bottom of the bioractor. Bacteria, which inhabit all layers of the filtering tank, clean the water until it is completely purified.

The simple structure and the use of biofilm technology makes this system ideal for decentralized structures with no under or over load problems and enormous cost savings in the long run, because of less disposal costs and no use of technical parts.

Specifications Of The ClearFox Nature Range

(for the combined fosse and filtering tank)

1-4EH 5-8EH
Agreement Number 2014-008 2014-008
Length (m) 3.20 4.75
Width (m) 1.22 1.22
Height (m) 1.70 1.70
Weight (kg) 195 420