Glossary Of Useful Terms

The following French terms are useful to know:

Assainissement Collectif – Mains Drains

Assainissement Non Collectif (ANC) – Individual Waste Water Management or Not on Main Drains

Avis Favorable – Permission to install the new system

Certificat De Conformité – Certificate of Conformity, awarded during the installation during the inspection (‘Control’) by the SPANC technician

Communes De Communauté – A group of local villages forming a community, often SPANC offices are based within this service.

Eaux Ménagères – Grey Water, from showers, kitchens etc

Eaux Usées ou Eaux Vannes – Toilet Waste Water

Equivalent Habitant (EH) – Equivalent Number of People – Size of the system based on the equivalent number of people that could live in the property

Filière Agréée – Non-traditional system, such as Compact Filter or Microstation requiring a government ‘Agrééement’ number meaning it is licensed to be used in France

Filière Traditionelle – Traditional system, such as a Septic Tank and sand Filter Bed

Fosse Toutes Eaux – Septic Tank receiving all waste water from the property

Installation D’Assainissement Non Collectif- The system of individual Waste Water Management, dealing with all waste water from a property, with the exception of rain water

Service Public D’Assainissement Non Collectif or SPANC – The Service dealing with all installations of Individual Waste Water Management, in some areas this is managed by a different organisation such as SIVEER or VEOLIA

SIVEER – SPANC equivalent for the Vienne Department

Traitement Primaire – Primary Treatment part of the system, refers to the ‘Fosse’ that retains the solid material.

Traitement Secondaire – Secondary Treatment, such as the sand bed, compact filter filtration unit, etc.

VEOLIA – SPANC equivalent for the Haut Vienne Department