Glynwed PureStation

Overview Of The Glynwed PureStation
purestationThe PureStation is a simple and compact 3 chamber sewage treatment plant which uses both anaerobic and aerobic digestion to purify domestic waste water. The benefit of this system over a traditional “fosse septique” is that a large and expensive filter bed is not required as all treatment of the waste water and effluent is internalised. This means that the system is easy to install and considerably cheaper than other alternatives. Additionally, because the system is pre-commissioned and delivered as a complete unit, and made from high quality components, maintenance of the system is minimal, meaning that ongoing costs are also cheaper that other alternatives on the market

Suitability Of The Glynwed PureStation
The PureStation waste water treatment system is most suited to

  • properties where the existing sewage treatment needs to be replaced entirely
  • properties where there is no existing sewage treatment system
  • properties where there is limited external space
  • properties where minimal physical or aesthetic impact is required
  • properties where the terrain excludes the use of gravity reliant systems

Benefits Of The Glynwed PureStation

  • Minimal land space required – as one of the most compact solutions on the market, this system is ideal for small areas and significantly reduces installation damage while preserving garden areas
  • Minimal environmental impact – due to forced ventilation and the absence of a motor there is little smell or noise pollution whilst the ability to reuse the treated water enhances the products environmental status
  • Tested reliability – with more than 8000 units already operating in Europe and throughout the world, manufactured by a micro-station specialist and with CE certification marking issued by an accredited European laboratory this sytem has proven its reliability
  • Sustainable – the PureStation sewage treatment system is developed to purify domestic waste water to such a high level that you can reuse the treated water via subsurface drainage for irrigating garden plants. Other possibilities for reuse are currently being studied
  • Easy installation – easy to install using a tow-hoe, with no concrete in the absence of a water table, no grease removal tank or primary filter in residential environments and a light, compact product, easy handle, transport and store.
  • Low maintenance – with no electric motor and no turbine in the micro-station, low sludge production, quality components and made from long lasting materials there are very few maintenance costs relating to this system
  • Minimal terrain restraints – due to this being a non-gravity reliant system there are no topographical constraints on the terrain
  • Low sludge production – on average only 5kg per person per year of dry matter is produced

How The Glynwed PureStation Works
purestation-works-300x138The Purestation waster water treatment plant uses a 4 phase treatment cycle that relies on air lift to circulate the water allowing  thorough treatment of the waste water by aerobic digestion. The first phase is primary treatment and settlement in the first chamber where separation of the effluent occurs with the heavier solids dropping to the base (sludge) and the lighter solids floating to the top (suspended solids) and  anaerobic digestion begins. The second and third stages involve the waste water travelling into a second chamber, in which the effluent is aerated. Air lift within this chamber means there is a regular supply of the bacteria required for aerobic digestion and that oxygen is carries to integrated membranes which further assist the reduction of organic matter. As the effluent circulates around this chamber any resulting sludge gathers on the bottom of the chamber where it is constantly returned to the primary settlement chamber.
The final phase involves the treated effluent in the second chamber passing into the final settlement chamber where treatment and separation continue. Once again, air lift allows for any remaining sludge to be constantly returned to the settlement chamber for continuing treatment. The resulting effluent is of such a quality that it can then be discharged, and passes through a final filter before flowing directly into a natural water course or being pumped for use in gardening, irrigation or grey water system.

Specifications Of The Glynwed PureStation

EP600 EP900
Agreement Number 2011-003 2012-017
Capacity (EH) 4 5
Volume Treated Water (l/day) 600 750
Length (mm) 3460 4870
Width (mm) 1170 1170
Height (mm) 1800 1800
Weight (kg) 270 324