Maintenance and After Sales Service

Fosse France Solutions are able to service all our sewage treatment plants to ensure the effective working of the system and to uphold the manufacturers guarantees and warranties.

Most sewage treatment plants require a service at least once a year and we can advise you about the service interval, what type of maintenance is involved and the cost of the service.

Although the level of maintenance and the cost of that maintenance varies from system to system, for every system our care package consists of

  • provision of a sewage treatment plant service maintenance log, to be updated after each service visit
  • a detailed programme of your systems maintenance schedule
  • a yearly maintenance visit designed to ensure efficient and reliable system operation, prevent system failing and validate manufacturers warranties. This service visit will follow the manufacturers maintenance guidelines and will include
    • a visual inspection
    • diagnostic testing
    • system adjustment where required and
    • electrical safety checks.

We recommend that no matter which brand or model of sewage treatment system you have, it is checked and maintained regularly. This will help to protect your investment, your property and your environment and can help you to avoid costly repair bills and prevent environmental damage.

Please contact us for maintenance prices.