News And Views – November 2014

Well November was a busy month for us and despite the usual site visits, installations, meetings with SPANC and completing all the paperwork that is required (which we know in France is an awful lot) some days have stood out from the rest.

oneAt the start of the month we did a marathon days work – we drove over 500 kilometres, did 2 inspections and undertook 7 site visits all in one day. Phew! So what is a site visit? Well, people who, for one reason or another, need a new waste water treatment system call us out and whilst there we talk about what the client needs regarding size and type of system, we look at the best place to site the new system taking into account the slope of the land, distance from boundaries, trees, wells and other obstructions and we look at possible discharge points. We also take measurements of the likely pipework needed and we take numerous photos as a record of all the important things we need to consider. Based on this we can then give the client our best advice and, if required at a later date, provide a detailed quotation for the works we think need doing. Put all that together with sitting down with a cup of tea and hopefully a biscuit or two (for reference chocolate digestives are my favourite) and that’s a site visit. So you can see that doing all that 7 times in one day was an exhausting achievement.

twoAnother day that stood out from the rest was being on site whilst a land survey was being undertaken. Now I must confess to being a bit cynical about land surveys and whether or not they are really necessary but in some areas they are compulsory if you want to install a new waste water treatment system so it’s a case of just accept it. I was however, pleasantly surprised by the surveyor and it was really nice to see the job done so professionally, politely and with a great focus on customer care.

threefourWe also followed the WaterAid “it’s no joke” campaign which was a prelude to “World Toilet Day” on November 19th. The aim of the campaign was to use humour as a way of helping to raise awareness of the need to provide effective sanitation and the risks that communities and individuals face when that sanitation system is not in place. We did our bit, posting regularly throughout the day any amusing toilet related photos we could find and donating 1€ for every comment, like, retweet or share that we got that day. Our most talked about photo was this chap, a very clever design don’t you think.

fiveWe also followed several news stories. The first was about the protests in several parts of France following the death of an environmentalist whilst opposing the construction of a dam in Lisle-Sur-Tarn in South western France. When we first picked up the story it was very local news but soon became national as protests against the death spread throughout the country. The second story was about the Uk’s very first Poo Bus, a bus powered by poo (or rather the bio-gas methane created from human poo and waste food products) that took to the streets in Bristol and is clearly demonstrating the real value of recycling.

Now, we said last month that we were hoping to launch the Fosse France Solutions mascot in November. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened and instead I published the first in a series of articles that will become a step by step guide to everything to do with choosing, installing and maintaining a new waster water treatment system. Entitled “How To Choose The Right Type Of Sewage Treatment System” (catchy title….not!) it goes through the good, the bad and the ugly of each type of system. It might not be the next best seller but it will be a great help to anyone thinking of replacing their current system.

So, what can we expect next month. Well, we’re already following some interesting stories, we’ll be installing our first Clearfox Nature system (one of our new products) and we will be introducing our mascot, all before Christmas. Seasons greeting to one and all and we’ll be back in the new year with more news and views.