Obtaining Permission

Before purchasing any system from Fosse France Solutions we always advise our clients to get the appropriate approval for the installation of their chosen system.

In order to assist our clients with obtaining this permission we

  • advise on which forms are required and where they can be obtained
  • advise on how to complete the required forms
  • advise on completing the ground and soil percolation tests

Once again, as we do not charge for online or telephone consultations, this advisory service is given FREE.

In addition to the service we can also assist in drawing up the schematics and plans for your chosen system. The initial charge for this is 50€ which will be deducted from the purchase price if you purchase a system from Fosse France Solutions.

We also offer site visits where we can work directly with the client in completing the necessary paperwork and drawing up the required plans and schematics. This can be done for a set fee of 150€ plus travel per site visit (please contact us for details).

Due to time factors we cannot assist with applications to use communal highways and drains