Overview Of The COMPACT’O® Range

compacto4st2The COMPACT’O® (4-6EH) are compact filter systems designed to treat domestic waste water. The filters are rectangular, prefabricated in high density polyethylene, and work in conjunction with a “fosse toute eaux” (all water fosse) equipped with a pre-filter. Their remarkable effectiveness in treating waste water allows for the treated water to be directed directly into a natural water course.

The COMPACT’O® range includes systems that will completely treat used water. These systems guarantee an excellent quality of treated water that satisfies the strictest standards of testing. The biological purification technique used requires neither electricity or moving parts. As such the costs of operation and maintaining the systems are extremely low despite the reliability of the systems. High performing, economical, sustainable, ecological and reliable, these systems are reknowned for their performance and quality.




Suitability Of The COMPACT’O® Range

  • The COMPACT’O® range is suitable for the following situations
  • properties where the existing water treatment system needs to be replaced entirely or where there is no existing system
  • properties with limited space – only 5-7m² of land is necessary for the installation of these systems
  • properties where the envireonmental impact of the system is most important
  • properties that are left empty for long periods of time – these systems are ideal for holiday, weekend and second homes, refuges, rural gites etc
  • areas of France where electrical power shortages occur frequently

Additionally, with permission from SPANC, these systems can be added onto an existing “fosse toutes eaux” , size and condition of the fosse permitting.

Advantages Of The COMPACT’O® Range

  • Eligible for the “Ecoprêt à taux 0%” (interest free loan) – the COMPACT’O® systems function without mechanical parts or electricity, and are eligible for the loan which could cover both the purchase and the installation costs. Additionally, they function without noise and are less susceptible to mechanical breakdown or electrical power cuts
  • Reliability in all situations – these systems function whatever the conditions including permanent occupation, intermittent occupation, holiday periods, periods of intense rain or temperature
  • Easy install – the systems are delivered ready to use. Their installation and commissioning are simple and inexpensive; the installation can be done either by the clients themselves or by an installer of their choice.
  • Simple to maintain – the annual maintenance of the systems is easy to undertake
  • Ecological and sustainable – the systems are made from polyethylene which is robust and durable. The filtration media (rock wall) is recyclable and can be composted. The biological purification process requires no chemicals or harmful bacteria. Finally, with SPANC permission, the recuperation et la re-utilisation of the treated water can, under certain conditions, be used for the watering of gardens and green spaces.

How The COMPACT’O® System Works

The COMPACT’O® ST2 range are made up of a two part “fosse toutes eaux” and a compact filter. The used water and effluent enters the fosse where it undergoes pre-treatment and anaerobic digestion. The water leaves the fosse and enters the compact filter passing through a pre-filter which holds back any large matter, grease and floating particles. It is this filter that is removable and easily cleaned.

In the compact filter the pre-treated water is dispersed across the filtration media via two ramps. Gravity then forces the water to pass through several layers of filtering media allowing aerobic digestion and further treatment of the used water.

The system comprises

  • 2 tanks of high density polyethylene
  • a two compartment fosse with pre-filter
  • 5 layers of filtering media and 1 layer of aerating media

Specifications Of The COMPACT’O® Range

4ST2 5ST2 6ST2
Agreement Number 2011-007 2011-007 2011-007
Capacity (EH) 4 5 6
Treated Volume (ltrs/per day) 600 750 900
Length (m) 2.7 2.7 3.7
Width (m) 1.15 1.15 1.15
Height (m) 1.95 1.95 1.95
Weight (kg) 260 260 335