Products – Non-electric Compact Filters

Assainissement Autonome – Compact’o ST2


  • All properties
  • All terrains
  • 2, 3& 4 bedroom properties


  • High performance
  • Economical
  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reliable
  • Eligible for the Eco Loan “Ecopret à taux 0%”
  • Minimal risk of electrical or mechanical failure
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
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ClearFox Nature Range
4EH, 5EH, 6EH, 7EH &8EH

Suitability Of The ClearFox Nature Range

  • properties where the existing water treatment system needs to be replaced entirely or where there is no existing system
  • properties where the environmental impact of the system is most important
  • properties that are left empty for long periods of time – these systems are ideal for holiday, weekend and second homes, refuges, rural gites etc
  • areas of France where electrical power shortages occur frequently

Additionally, with permission from SPANC, these systems can be added onto an existing “fosse toutes eaux” , size and condition of the fosse permitting.

Advantages Of The ClearFox Nature Range

  • No electricity bills – a completely non electric treatment process
  • Hign quality of effluent purification
  • Sold worldwide -a tried and tested system
  • Reduced de-sludging period – +5 year emptying interval
  • Completely sustainanble – no need for replacement filter media
  • Inexpensive annual maintenance – maintenance can be undertaken by the owner
  • Operates in silence
  • Works in harmony with all types of septic tanks and can be added to an exisiting “fosse toutes eaux” (with permission from SPANC)
  • Eligible for the “Ecoprêt à taux 0%” (interest free loan)
  • Reliability in all situations – these systems function whatever the conditions including permanent occupation, intermittent occupation, holiday periods, periods of intense rain or temperature
  • Easy install – the systems are delivered ready to use