What is the SPANC inspection?

The inspection is to verify if your waster water treatment system conforms to the prevailing laws. Having moved away from being concerned with whether your system presented any environmental or health risk, they are now mainly concerned with compliance and foll a check list of various to be checked during their inspection. When SPANC perform their compliance inspections they will examine various elements including

  • Exact location of your current Fosse and Grease Trap
  • Volume
  • Condition
  • Access points
  • Ventilation
  • Sludge and scum levels
  • Condition of the pipe work
  • Filtration system
  • Nature of the surrounding soil
  • Lay of the land
  • Proximity to any water sources, below or above ground

Following the inspection they will either issue a ‘Certificate Of Conformityā€¯ or a report outlining any problems and defects.